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Why Events? Flexibility.

Before we talk about events... Let's consider that there are many different approaches to developing software. In my opinion, the opposite ends of the spectrum end up being: Knowing how the whole system looks, feels, and operates before coding a single line. Having an idea of what the user wants and coding to make it happen. Although I'm generalizing a lot here, it's sort of like the battle between Waterfall and Agile. Okay, great. So what am I rambling on about here? Well, in the first case, you know all the ins and outs of the system. You can structure your system so that almost no matter how complex it is, you can ensure that method A is always run immediately after method B which is etc... The design is completely controlled. You have a spec for how all the…

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What Makes a Good API?

Background My position at work allows me a bit of freedom in how I code and more importantly, influence how others code. I was recently having a conversation with a colleague about what I think makes a good API, from a high level. The context of our discussion was pertaining to developing a C# based API, but this really applies to any object oriented API. I had two key points that I wanted to address, and while they're not the only important things, I believe they're often overlooked. The first thing is how people will use your API, so how they will call methods and use the results. The second point was about how people will implement your API should they want to extend your work and implement their own classes. Here's what I was trying to drive home:   Usage: As a programmer,…


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