What Is Dev Leader Weekly Newsletter?

This is my FREE newsletter that I send out every Saturday morning directly to your inbox! I try to include the following in every issue, and I hope to keep evolving the content format so that it keeps you engaged:

  • Review of content shared throughout the week
  • Interesting software engineering quote to analyze and reflect on
  • C# code snippet to explore
  • General programming tip to get you thinking
  • Community spotlight where I showcase others participating in the dotnet or software engineering community
  • Learning resources for the week (either my own or someone else’s great work!)
  • And a quiz or practice program for homework (if you’re interested)

Did You Say The Newsletter is Free?

I sure did! I want to be able to keep the newsletter free for everyone. This lets me know that people who signed up for it are genuinely interested in hearing about the offerings I have. My goal is to be able to continue to distribute as much information as possible for free.

What About The Older Newsletters?

This is where I’ve decided to introduce a paywall – and I get it, it’s uncomfortable. But I want to be transparent with you too. I create and distribute as much content as I possibly can for free. There are several costs associated with this:

  • My time:
    • 3 YouTube videos per week currently
    • At least one blog post per week currently
    • Active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others
    • Curated newsletter weekly
  • My own money 🙂
    • Web hosting
    • Domain name
    • Video editing software
    • Photo editing software
    • Integration subscriptions

TL;DR: It’s not free for me to do this, and as much as I want to keep distributing content, the bigger and more successful this becomes, the more it will cost me. My hope is that if even a small portion of individuals subscribe as members I’ll have no financial obligations to meet, and if it becomes more successful, I can outsource some of the work I am very bad at!

You can find the newsletter archive here:

Where Can I Become A Member?

Remember – the newsletter itself is free! However, if you’d like to support me so that you can get access to the newsletter archive and more, you can check out this page for memberships: