Membership is more than just premium Dev Leader Weekly newsletter features — it extends beyond Substack and the newsletter to my other offerings. I’m highly motivated to keep providing as much free content as possible because I enjoy doing this. However, supporting me in this endeavor allows me to deliver more and better content.

Here’s what you get as part of your premium membership!

Ad-free Experience On

I have HUNDREDS of articles published on my website that you can check out. I started in 2013 but took a decade-long break. I made it my goal in 2023 to publish at least one article per week, but some weeks are much more.

Newsletter Archive Access

On Substack, you have free access to the most recent issues as a little preview. However, after a couple of weeks, these newsletters get archived on my website. If you want to ensure that you have access to all of the prior newsletters (including the exclusive articles), then this is for you.

Weekly Behind-The-Scenes Vlogs

Once per week, I put out a vlog called Behind the Screen where I share some updates going on in my life. This includes work updates, personal life updates, my hobby projects, as well as how my brand for content creation is evolving. Raw and unedited!

Hear About New Content Before It Goes Live

The newsletter is a great first spot to get updates… but membership is even better. I talk about things in the vlogs that are still in the planning process before the newsletter ever hears them. And what’s even better is that I have a more narrow audience I can reach out to beta my new offerings… That could be you!

What Else?

The following are things that I’m working on, which will be included with membership:

      • (Coming Soon) Member-Only Courses At No Additional Cost
      • (Coming Soon) Discounts On Coaching & Mentorship packages
      • (Coming Soon) Discord Community – Request access!
      • (Coming Soon) Code Reviews & Design Sessions