Design patterns are a set of guidelines or templates for solving common design problems in software development. They are proven solutions to recurring design issues and challenges that software developers face during the development of software applications or systems.

They offer:

  • Reusable solutions for various context

  • Flexibility in designs

  • Best practices

This E-Book features 23 of the “Gang of Four” design patterns, plus more. Let it serve as a quick reference guide and use it to check your understanding for when a design pattern could be leveraged.

You’ll see descriptions for what the design pattern is, why you may want to consider it, and a written high-level summary of what is included to make the pattern come to life.


If you purchase this book, I will honor your purchase for ALL future iterations of it. That means as I revise it to add more design patterns and more details for each design pattern, you’ll be able to get the new version completely for free. The cost of this E-Book will rise over time to purchase it again outright, but I’d like to honor your support for being there at its inception. If you receive it for free during the early phases, you’ll be grandfathered in as well.