There’s no hiding it. Being able to create educational content for software engineers takes time – and money. In order for me to be able to create the content that I put out regularly across various platforms requires me to not only invest my own time but money out of my pocket as well. Which is why I look for support from various affiliations.

I’m not complaining though! I love being able to do this, and it means so much to me that you’re here either reading my articles or watching the videos that I put out sharing my experiences in software engineering. It’s something that I find very fulfilling, so it truly means a lot to me that you’ve given me the opportunity to share my insights with you.

But this is where affiliations come into play! And it’s also an opportunity for me to be extremely transparent with you about my affiliations:

I do not affiliate with any products or services that I would not use myself.

This is a core requirement of any of the affiliations that I have and will share with you. I strive to have a very high degree of trust because, without it, any of the information I provide through my content will lack value. Trust is therefore critical, and I need to stand behind anything I am promoting.

And please keep in mind – affiliations mean that I generally receive some type of compensation if you make purchases through the links I provide! With that said, let’s jump into the affiliations I have and the products and services that I love


The following affiliations are for hosting services that I use.


One of my favorite options for cheap VPS hosting is RackNerd. I have over 35 hosted VPSs through RackNerd for various purposes, and I love using them because of their pricing and low-resource options. Their customer support has always been incredible, responding quickly and being very helpful with any challenges I’ve ever had.

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!


Contabo is another VPS host that I’ve had a lot of success with. While I’ve used RackNerd to secure some very low-resource VPS instances for a very low price, Contabo has helped fit my needs for slightly more powerful VPS instances still at very affordable prices!

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!

Social Media & Content

The following affiliations are for social media platforms as well as products/services related to content creation that I use.


I use ConvertKit for my newsletter and I’ve really enjoyed everything that their platform offers.

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!


I use SparkLoop alongside ConvertKit for my newsletter. SparkLoop has built-in tools to allow me to do referral programs and offer a unique newsletter experience that can reward participating readers.

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!

Opus Clip

Creating short-form content can be incredibly tedious, and I’ll admit I am not the best at it. I’d rather focus my energy on creating the underlying content itself, not chopping it up and editing it. Opus Clip saves me a ridiculous amount of time and I’ve been extremely happy with their service for converting my long-form content into shorts.

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!


Part of my mission with my content creation is to offer free help to as many aspiring programmers and software engineers as I can. When requested to answer things on Quora, I do my best to try and help. While Quora does have monetization strategies, I have a mix of answers that are monetized or not.

You can sign up for Quora with my referral link here!

Health & Fitness

Yeah, you’re on a software engineering website… But I’m also a bodybuilder and strongly (no pun intended) believe that we should balance our time at the computer with health and fitness.

Bulk Supplements

I use Bulk Supplements for nearly all of my supplements. From creatine to powders that I use to help me wind down for sleep, Bulk Supplements has everything I need.

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!


The following are tech-related products/services that I use and trust.


I’m a computer nerd, so building my own computers and buying all of the associated parts has always appealed to me. I’ve used Newegg for as long as I can possibly remember. They carry a huge inventory of various parts for everything you could possibly need to build a PC.

You can check them out with my affiliate link here!


The leader in VPN – you’ve no doubt heard about. While a VPN isn’t required to browse the Internet, it’s very helpful for maintaining your privacy.

Check back for my affiliate link!