The Hottest New Open Source OpenAI API for C#

If you have an internet connection then you have probably heard of ChatGPT from OpenAI by now. Odds are you might have even given it a whirl to see what it’s all about. Personally, I know that I was quite skeptical at first but I’ve been blown away at how well it’s able to converse about topics I ask it. I’ve even asked it to generate various scenarios for me and it will conclude by explaining why the different facets it chose were good choices. Incredible stuff. I’ll be using this to help chip away at content for my role playing game.

When it comes to using OpenAI effectively, I have a great deal to learn. It’s all very new to me, especially with respect to how to structure prompts and get the most out of the interactions with such systems. However, as a programmer, I have a set of skills that can help me (and others!) interface with systems like OpenAI.

This is the driving force behind why I have created and started contributing to an open source project. NexusLabs.OpenAI is a C#-based project that allows you, as a .NET developer, to access the web API’s from OpenAI. The repository includes the base project and a supplemental project for working with Autofac. You’ll also find testing projects built out. At time of writing, this only includes a handful of functional tests. Unit tests will follow as the library hardens. Additionally, you can find an example project that will allow you to interact with the API and directly exercise calls to the API of OpenAI.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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