Potential Future Readings?

Based on this survey over at Code Project, I feel like I might have some reading to do.

  • Let Us C: Seems to be at the top of people’s lists. As the name implies, it’s for the C programming language. My only concern is it might be too specific to C and not provide enough carry over to other languages. Definitely something I’ll investigate.
  • Code Complete: This book has amazing reviews. It looks to cover all the fundamental parts of programming, so this one might be top of my list.
  • Java: How To Program: I actually wasn’t overly impressed with the few reviews I read about this book. Especially after having it sized up against Code Complete. It might have to take the back burner for now.
  • C++: How To Program: Even fewer useful reviews for this. Considering it’s C++, which unfortunately happens to be one of my least favourite languages, I’ll probably skip this one all together.

Of course, after discussing this briefly with a co-worker, I was pointed to this colossal Stack Overflow posting asking the same thing as this poll. Holy! Looks I’ll need to do some prioritizing!

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